What I tell myself everyday.

To all the people watching, I can never ever thank you enough for the kindness to me, I'll think about it for the rest of my life. All I ask is one thing, and this is.. I'm asking this particularily of young people that watch: Please do not be cynical. I hate cynicism - for the record it's my least favorite quality, it doesn't lead anywhere. Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen. I'm telling you, amazing things will happen." - Conan 'O'Brien

January 31, 2009

subsurface and fake sub surface scattering


Camera Projection tutorials online

simple but good camera tutorial.



general camera projection notes from DannyGuertsen.

1.) make sure maya to Motr is loaded in preferences

2.) select camera

3.) duplicate and rename to renderCam

4.) select camera -> attribute editor -> display film gate (this is based on camera aperture)

5.) lock it.

6.) Render the scene.

7.) Paint on it (Twice the res, uncompressed)

8.) Hypershade -> Create lambert -> map the texture to incadescence -> zero out all the values.

9.) Go to the render node -> 2D textures -> as projection -> filein Node -> load the painted map.

10.) Projection Node -> attribute editor -> projection type -> prespective -> camera projection, link to camera you want .

11.) Projection Node ->Effects -> filter 0.1 (important)

12.) FileinNode -> Effects -> Filter 0.1 (important)

Baking Projection on to Object UV

1.) select objects you want to bake. Rendering -> Lighting/Shading -> AssigntextureBakeSet-> Attribute Editor -> texture bake set 1 -> Color Mode -> Light&Color

2.) filename Prefix -> blahblah (important to name it)

3.) x-res, y-res up to you. Fill texture seams -> 2-6

4.) Create a directional light and set to 0. This switches the default light off. ( so that the bake will be pure color)

5.) Select the objects + the shader with the projection.

6.) When both are selected, under Lighting/Shader -> Batch bake (mentalRay)

7.) Make sure camera is set to right one and convert and close.

Live projection (no baking)
From 1 camera angle, you can duplicate it and use it from another camera angle. This way you can have a 2nd live projection. By combining these 2 projections via a layered shader, you can have more flexibility.

Then you can use lighting in the scene.

January 9, 2009

my opinion on movies

Personally, movies are a form of escapism and a source of entertainment. And through the years, it makes me appriciate movies that have well rounded characters and developed stories. The really good ones makes me think and reflect on things in the real world. BUt the primary focus is still escapism. There are much better people out there who are totally into the the dramatic and serious subjects in film.

At the end of the day, I want to be able to suspend my disbelief, be entertained and be brought to another world/time/dimension/galaxy far far away. If it is thought provoking, awesome. If it can give a warm fuzzy feeling inside, lagi best. Personal tastes have different views on what constitutes a good movie. And it is hard to pin point. But damn it, I want a happy ending. If I want a sad ending, I just have to look around in reality.

For me, I know that I do not like the following

1.) Horror, gore movies. (I want to laugh and be inspired. Not scared shitless or even worse waste time on "not scary" scary movies.

2.) Period British/American drama and gansta rap movies. (Just different upbring, zzzzzzzz to death).

3.) Mindless violence. (Violence is fine if there is a motivating factor. But violence for just the sake of violence is lazy and lame)

4.) Abstract movies. (aka arty farty movies about nothing or something that no one can understand except the film maker)

5.) Gangsta and gritty detective movies.

Things I like in movies. (reminds of the nokia video cam handphone commerical)

1.) Big explosions and loads of destructions. (I paid $10 for 2 hours of my life. Show me the eye candy)

2.) Realistic, high quality, I cannot tell what is real what isn't visual effects. (not some cheapo TCS visual effects done by students in poser)

3.) Good dialog and humor. (good dialog does not have to mean loads of dialog.

4.) Robots, Monsters,battle planes, martial arts, aliens and super heroes.

5.) Cool non-regurgitated story and non-lame plot that do not drag. ( I have ADD so I like movies that move at a decent pace.)

I do not know if these tastes are reflective of the average movie goer but hese are my own very biased, myopic preferences. of course I do appriciate a well directed, well writtern and well acted movie regardless of the genre. But I am more of the fanboy type of audience rather then the hard core movie affectionatos that knows all the weird quirky movies.

January 4, 2009

The Resident Tourist

The Resident Tourist by Troy Chin. Part 1 and 2

I 1st came across these books when I came back from NZ a few weeks back. Saw it at Ani-PLay in sunshine. It was interesting but I did not buy it. Later end up like most local comics. All cannot make it one.

But I finally got a chance to read part 1 in kino at Taka. Some joker tore the wrappings and left it there. (not me). It was really good. I was pleasantly surprised how good it was.
Just finished and re-read all the books again. And it does get better on a 2nd reading.

His art is decent (still way better then me). But it was his story telling skills that really stood out. There is no judgemental tone in the book nor did it felt dumbed down or exggrated just because its a comic. Its kinda of reminded me of yotsuba in terms of the feel.
For me it really connected with me as the issues that he faced and things he is going through.
Its a autobiographical account of his return back from singapore after working in NYC. There is a really good review of the book at http://textfiend.net/zerohero/?p=636
You can his website and other short stories here
I am waiting eagerly for the 3rd volume and I wish him all the best in his writings.

January 1, 2009

New Year 2009.

2008 have passed by in a relatively quick flash.

It is also one of the more fruitful years in terms of personal developement and opening the mind to different things.

2009 is a brand new year ahead and a lot of things to look forward to.

Key Challenges for the New Year.

1.) Have a healthy lifestyle and lose weight.

2.) Finish the animated short.

3.) Stop buying too many TOYS AND BOOKS.

4.) Write down thoughts and rants here for more creative contemplation.

5.) Have a more balanced lifestyle. More diving and less work.

6.) Expend my horizon and way of thinking.

7.) Less cynisim and more positive spirit.

8.) More tolerant towards idiots and pricks. (actually screw that, pile on the pain on them)

I hope it to be a challenging and satisfying year ahead for everyone.