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December 25, 2010

The middle management in the animation/vfx industry and you. Part 2.

continuing from part 1

The following post will sound like sour and bitter gripes of previous experience. But they are all teach me something.

One of the common issues arises is when the middle management look after their own self interest 1st while preaching teamwork and taking one for the team to the artistes.

In a corporation, there are a lot of these middle managements all looking out for themselves. Hey, for a lot of people, its human nature to want to climb the ladder and be in a position of power.

A classic example would be the production manager to tell the artistes that they have to work through the weekend to get the shot out and then himself taking that weekend off to some beach resort.

Of course there is nothing technically wrong with the above scenario since its the artiste's job to deliver the shot, not the manager.

Another is the promise of time off for the weekends you burnt for meeting the deadline but not forthcoming once the deadline have passed and another one looms ahead.

I could go on and on but you get the picture.

But would you like to work under or with a guy like that? And more importantly, is this someone that you think can be trusted or reliable to help together develop in the company?

Good thing most of these people are so concerned with establishing their own foothold in the company that they do not realise or underestimate that they still need artistes to help them climb the ladder. And most often shoot themselves in the foot.

But there is a demoralising effect on the artistes when they see incompetent coordinators and managers still being retained in their jobs or worse still promoted. The upper management may have a different view of the situation because most of their perception of what is going down in the trenches are regulated precisely by these middle management.

It is a very tricky road to navigate in the the big corporate company. And a lot of it will be down to your ability to read the individuals around you and if you will, play the game. How you play the game is really up to what you want to achieve and how good a player you are.

All I can say this for an fledgling artiste, keep your head down and doing your best work. Once its good enough, you will have more options.

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