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March 27, 2013

Show what your character is feeling.

Often students are so zoomed into the mechanics of the movement in animation. Like if the timing of weight shift correct. But they forget the most important part of the animation.

That the motion is reactive to the emotional state of the character. One key failure of students is that they do not consider this factor. And so the animation does not show the character's emotional.

So next time, before you start to animation remember.

1.) Key Poses should convey the emotional state of the character clearly.
2.) Know what your characters emotional state is before blocking.
3.) PLAN your keyposes for each shot before animation.
4.) Put yourself in the state of mind of the character. and see how he will react to the situation.
5.) Is the obstacle important to the animation or to show the character's character or advance the story? If not, drop it.


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